Reimagine Gold Creek

How would you re:imagine a golf course?

The re:imagine Gold Creek Country Club community conversation officially launched today. The Gold Creek Country Club continues to be a part of the Gungahlin community, however it is changing, with plans to bring a new modern short-course game to Canberra. This provides an exciting opportunity for the community of Gungahlin to ‘re:imagine’ part of the golf course that may no longer be needed for golf. Our re:imagine Map shows the area that will no longer be part of the golf course and has plenty of places for you to share your thoughts and ideas of what the future could look like for this space.

Collaboratively creating the vision of the future

This project provides the opportunity to create a positive legacy for the community of Nicholls and broader Gungahlin. We will work closely with the community to guide the design and development of a space which works with, and enriches the lives of our community members.

We’re inviting you to join the conversation

Take our survey. Show us your design ideas. Become part of our People’s Panel. Engage with us via social media. This is your opportunity to think about what our community should look like in the future, and have your ideas heard and considered. You’ll have a genuine impact on the future of our community. We want your ideas, both big and small.

Be forward thinking

Don’t forget, we are taking our time to understand what our community wants. Think about what works well for the community now, but also what might be missing, and what people will want and need 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

Get involved

re:imagine the future of your community with us